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Elaine Baugh Walsh

Elaine Walsh founded E Comm International, Inc. in 1995. The mission of E Comm International, Inc. is to give customers marketing and sales with accountability and velocity and to do it today. Not someday in the future.

Elaine observed businesses, particularly in technology, struggle in working with traditional advertising and PR agencies.  Elaine realized that there had to be another, better, way to work with companies on their sales and marketing tasks. What if enterprise companies could bring their objectives and goals to a business-to-business marketing expert with actual on-the-ground experience and get that proficiency working for them right from the start?

After eight years of sales management experience in hospitality and manufacturing, Elaine led a wireless communications manufacturing company as part-owner and director of sales from 1979 to 1983. Upon the sale of that company, until 1995, she headed a group of five internationally distributed technical publications in telecommunications, satellite communications and wireless, including a Spanish language engineering periodical and a Manchurian Chinese newsletter, as Vice President/Group Publisher for a leading worldwide publishing company. In that position, she targeted emerging markets, led successful sales and editorial teams, created compelling editorial content, and directed thriving trade show and conference events.

Every organization is a story telling organization. You have a unique story to tell. Be in charge of your story to create compelling sales messages that connect with customers in a profound way and use that story to bring vision and results to your organization.

That's what we call marketing with velocity. We know that for your business, the future is now.

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