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Many companies make changes in their marketing by adjusting their advertising, public relations, branding or their tools like web sites, brochures and logos. These are all good changes, however, what happens to prospects and leads when they contact your sales or customer service departments? You can work hard to generate interest in your company but those new sales leads won't be as useful to you if your sales training isn't adequate.

How about this? Your internal and field sales personnel are well trained, however, does your customer service department know how important their role can be in attracting and retaining customers? Do they even "like" sales? Many times the people in your company with the most customer interaction do not see their role as sales and resist the idea.

Or maybe you are a business owner who knows you need to increase business but you resist the idea of becoming too "salesy". You see sales as being artificial and phony and don't want to come across as too pushy or aggressive with customers. Why can't you just offer a product without having to sell it?

Sales activity is, after all, at the core of business. Remember this: your customers love to buy; they just don't want to be sold.

We teach you the secrets to use your natural ability to connect with people and turn that into sales. We can work with your customer service departments to enhance their productivity and show them how to do that without doing anything uncomfortable or unnatural. We call it "Sales for People Who Hate Sales" but after you take the course, you'll call it "Sales for People Who Only Think They Hate Sales." For a list of public courses and private classes customized for your business, call us today at 520.620.0063 or email.

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